Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements


Under new Homeland Security regulations, entry requirements for U.S. travelers are enforced to the full extent of the law. After pre-clearance in the Bahamas, you must have a valid passport to re-enter the United States. Similarly, visitors from Britain and Canada must also have a passport to show proof of citizenship. Citizens of other countries, including Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, should also carry a valid passport when traveling.

Additionally, travelers must show onward and return tickets to immigration officials in The Bahamas.


The Commonwealth of The Bahamas does not require visas. Upon entering the Bahamas, you must complete and sign an immigration card. The card has a carbon copy that you must keep until departure, at which time it must be turned in. You must pay a departure tax before you can exit the country.


  Contact Bahamian Consulate for Visa Requirements:

        • Miami Tel: 305-373-6295
        • Fax: 305-373-6312

*Not needed for USA and Canada. *Please see if your country requires a Visa


Bahamian Customs allows you to bring in 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 1 pound of tobacco, plus 1 quart of spirits. You can also bring in items classified as “personal effects.” There is no limit to how much money you can bring to the Island.

Visitors leaving Freeport/Lucaya or Nassau for the U.S. must clear U.S. Customs & Border Protection before departing The Bahamas. Charter companies can make special arrangements with the Nassau or Freeport flight services and U.S. Customs & Border Protection for pre-clearance. No further formalities are required upon arrival in the United States.

Visitors should collect all receipts for purchases made in the Bahamas. Visitors must declare all gifts received while abroad. If you purchased an item during an earlier trip abroad, carry proof that you have already paid Customs duty on the item at the time of your previous reentry. It is advised to compile a list of expensive carry-on items and have U.S. Customs stamp the list at the airport before your departure.

Entering By Boat

 If entering The Bahamas by boat, there is a flat fee to clear Customs and Immigration, which is $150.00 for boats 30 feet and under and $300.00 for boats 31 feet and over. This covers a vessel with three persons or less. Included are charges for a cruising permit, a fishing permit, and Customs and Immigration. The $20.00 Departure Tax is waived for up to three persons.